That’s F&M

Wherever in the world you need us.

As part of the international F&M Group, with our global know-how and proven regional teams, we enable new retail spaces world-wide. Regardless of where you want to develop spaces – we can manage the full range of trades on site. Based in five locations and speaking twelve languages, we’re your competent, dependable partner wherever you need us.

Our Philosopy.

The interface between vision and precision

Our customers’ ideas and our high standards for our own workmanship are the two parameters that define everything we do. Our greatest aim is to realise your space visions perfectly – from the big plan down to the smallest detail.

Team spirit unites us, partnership drives us.

F&M Retail is team spirit on all levels.


In every region, the project managers in our locations are backed up by a highly coordinated staff of architects, engineers, and other tradespersons. Each one is carefully selected and matched to each individual project.
Our construction supervisors are extremely knowledgeable about their regions – both in dealing with authorities and in terms of the cultural expectations of the local employees. Ongoing training programmes ensure that we possess all the latest technical capabilities.